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Travel Insurance

This insurance covered the traveler who travels inbound and outbound which include individual, family, or group trip. While you travelling incidentally hurt damaging things you could get some comprehensive for your loss.
While travelling along the specified route from the beginning till the end with the vehicle stated in the ticket, the insured will get indemnity for his/her death/injury directly or indirectly due to the stated vehicle unless the insured suffers/commits the followings:
  • Pre-existing diseases and handicaps
  • Insane
  • Suicide
  • Voluntary act of bodily injury
  • Abortion
  • Involvement in dangerous/reckless act
  • Violation of law to commit a crime
  • Usage of illegal drugs
  • War, strike, riot and civil commotion

Insurable interest

Travels who traveling inbound or outbound trips with Bus, Ship, Flight or your own vehicle.

Insurable period

Minimum 1 day to maximum 3 months.


  • This insurance is covered for the insured person while he/she travelling the vehicle Accident collision, Collision or overturning consequences and insured person’s body injures incidentally.
  • Body injuries
  • Permanent disability
  • Loss of life