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New York – Washington DC – Niagara – Boston Los Angeles – Las Vegas – San Francisco – Hawaii

“A dreamy package tour of study on World Best Development”

Including visits to the East Coastal Cities to New York, a dream city of people throughout the world where skyscrapers rival for your attention -Washington DC where the Memorials speak of their timeline of Democracy – to Niagara Falls where one can study one of seven natural wonders of the world -to Boston where one can observe the great universities – to the West Coastal Cities-to San Francisco where one can find great arts of the state – to Las Vegas where the nights are never quiet and dark – Los Angeles where anyone can become a Hollywood Stars Hawaii, lovely dream of hundred thousands of Honeymoon couples – and to other interesting sightseeing spots, shows and so on.We await to serve you with the best menu and 4 star hotel lodging.

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